Serving in our nation’s Armed Forces, you and countless other brave veterans helped to protect our freedom. Because you served with remarkable discipline, honor, and loyalty to our country, we invite you to join other Veterans, Reservists and National Guard members who have chosen Glacier for their next critical mission – building a career with a proud future. Click here for a list of future objectives.

Many Veterans have the talent and leadership skills that can be an asset to our company. The wide variety of experience that they bring to their jobs and the quality of their training can really benefit the company. Men and women who have served know how to be team players and are not afraid of challenges.

Randy Chesler
CEO Glacier Bancorp

As a 10 year US Army Veteran, and a current member of the Washington State National Guard. Finding an employer who is willing to not only understand my desire/requirement to serve to my country, but support it was an incredible moment in my career. I am truly proud to say I'm a Veteran, citizen soldier, and a GBCI Employee and my organization supports my military mission in the office and on the battlefield.

Patrick – HR Compliance Specialist
United States Army
WA State National Guard


Having serviced on Active Duty as a U.S. Marine for 26 years, I lived and breathed everything Marine Corps. It was important for me to work for an organization that I believe in and support their mission. I not only found this at Glacier Bancorp but I also found the respect for Service and confidence in what I brought to the table. Here I have had to step outside of my comfort zone and been challenged to take my knowledge to another level.

Leticia - HR Benefits Specialist
U.S. Marine Corps


I served 12.5 years on active duty, I am a U.S. Marine. Working for Glacier Bancorp Inc. (GBCI) has allowed me to develop an IT Asset Management program from the ground up. The support from management has been excellent. I use the experiences I gained while serving my country every day supporting GBCI. This company is an outstanding organization focused on supporting and helping our local community’s financial needs as well as members of the armed forces living in those communities. I am happy to be a member of the GBCI family.

Lonnie – IT Asset Manager
U.S. Marine Corps


After serving in the Marine Corps it was important to find an organization that held those same standards; I have found that with Glacier Bancorp. I have been able to take the skills I learned while serving and apply them to an organization that thrives to be an industry leader while supporting each divisions community. I am proud to say I am a Marine Corp veteran and proud to say I work for Glacier Bancorp.

Christian – Project Manager
U.S. Marine Corps